Presented by super fan, writer and artist, Matt Lucas, the documentary 50 Years of Mr Men aired on Channel 4 on May 16th charted the history of the colourful characters who changed global publishing forever and found their way into the hearts and bedtime stories of generations of children around the world, showcasing their remarkable evolution and their role in pioneering a new world of inclusivity and openness.

The documentary explored iconic moments via the extraordinary Hargreaves’ family story, artists, child psychologists and super fans. In parallel, behind the scenes, Matt Lucas revealed the secret world of the astonishing artistic process: what it takes to brainstorm, draw, write and animate new Mr Men and Little Misses for today’s world.

The broadcast was also an opportunity to finally announce which of the 5 characters proposed by Adam Hargreaves in February and voted by more than 72,000 people will be joining the Mr Men Little Miss family in September with the release of two new books, introducing them to new generations of children and parents across the planet.

And the winners are…

Adam Hargreaves commented: “Admittedly Mr. Calm was one of my favourites so I’m delighted to be able to share this story with the public later this year! It’s amazing to see people are still connecting to the books after 50 years and here’s to Mr. Calm and Little Miss Brave leading the way in shaping the brands personality for the next 50!”.

The books are currently available in all good bookstores, online retailers and amazon.