Mr. Happy Cookies Tutorial by Blonde Baking Mama 

You're bound to be happy after eating these delicious cookies!

What you need:

• Sugar cookies
• Yellow fondant
• Edible ink food pen (these can be purchased from any good baking shop or readily available online)
• Round cookie cutter
• Rolling pin
• Paint brush
• Water
• A little bit of corn flour to dust your surface.


1. Roll out your fondant to your desired thickness – about 3mm. Use a little corn flour to stop the fondant from sticking to the bench top.

2. Cut a circle from the fondant using a cookie cutter the same size as your sugar cookie.

3. Brush a little water on underside of the fondant circle and place it on the cookie. The water will act like glue and adhere the fondant to the cookie. Allow the fondant to dry completely – this may take 24 hours. You will know it is sufficiently dry when it has hardened and no longer can be dented when pressed on.


Once dry, brush off any excess corn flour with a dry brush. Take your edible ink food pen and draw two little oval ‘feet’ at the base of the cookie. Then draw a circle around the perimeter. This will be Mr. Happy’s body.

5. Now it is time to add Mr Happy’s ‘hands’. Draw these in the bottom third of the cookie. In the top third, add Mr. Happy’s squinty eyes by drawing three little lines that connect at one end. Lastly, draw his happy smile – make it really BIG!

Tutorial created by Blonde Baking Mama, Kate Gnanapragasam. Instagram: @blondebakingmama